Gypsum Underlayment
2500-3000psi - Budget Fiendly

Overview Offers the highest compressive strengths in its class (2000 to 3200 psi), providing low-thickness applications over plywood subflooring in single-family, multi-family and hotel/motel construction. MAIN FEATURES Levelrock® Brand 2500 FR Green Floor Underlayments help maximize sound isolation between floors/units and may be used with a Levelrock® Brandsound mat or sound board for improved STC and IIC ratings. Engineered and manufactured by USG.


Cementius Self-Leveling Underlayment
5000psi - Fast Curing

HydroPhase® is a roprietary phased cement hydration technology developed to combine zero shrinkage, high flow, and superior surface smoothness for the most durable, robust leveling systems on the market. Allowing fast setting, light trade traffic in 4 hours and normal traffic in 24. APPLICATIONS Guest Rooms and Suites Multi-Family Residential and Condos Open Plan Offices Patient Rooms Single-Family Residential Multi-Family Residential High-Rise Condominiums